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Art Collecting 101


In Association with Rochester Art Collectors and Free Art Collective


Sun, Dec 3, 2:00pm



Art Collecting on a Budget


The MuCCC in association with Rochester Art Collectors and The Free Art Collective presents a unique opportunity to learn about the basics of collecting art and starting a collection on a limited budget.


Rochester Art Collectors: a privately funded, independent, non-commercial group organized to promote collecting art.


Learn More: Free Art Collective: Based in Rochester, NY, The Free Art Collective is a grassroots, not-for-profit, collective of over 200 artists from around the world that distributes free artwork and art supplies. 



FAC hosts art as therapy events, music shows, craft fairs, gallery exhibits, and fundraisers. We use the arts to fight for social justice causes such as food and housing security, de-stigmatizing mental health, and elevating artists of color. 



The Free Art Collaborative is dedicated to serving and strengthening our community through the healing power of art, kindness, and creativity.

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