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Encaustic Paintings:
Pat DeLuca

On view March & April, 2023

Artist Talk: Sunday, March 19, 2pm

Artist Statement: My paintings continue to express my love affair with the color blue. It resonates with me in a deeply personal way. It always has.


I can close my eyes and immerse myself in a summer sky, the changing steely blues of Lake Ontario or the faraway mountains in the Sacred Valley of Peru.

In the fall of 2019, I traveled with my oldest son to the island nation of Tonga to swim with Humpback whales. 2.5 hours by plane, east of Fiji – after 18 hours to get there! We lived on the water (literally) for two weeks. And swam with the whales in the deepest cobalt blue sea I had ever seen.


My paintings reflect my ongoing search for those colors and my need to share the
essence of those experiences with you.
It seems like I’ve been drawing and painting my entire life. I’m the daughter of two dramatically different artists, turned advertising executive and Mom of 6. My Dad followed his passion until the day he died.


At 93, Mom continues her daily drawing practice. I appreciate that more every
time I lift a pencil or brush to paper or canvas or panels.

pat deluca on view.jpg
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