Now on View at MuCCC

Making the Scenes: A solo exhibit exploring the process and final works of painter Valerie Berner.


Artist Reception and Talk:  Monday, November 25th,  6-8pm.  


Artist Statement: Normally when I exhibit, I display only the final product. Thus, what the viewer sees is the whole painting, in finished form. In contrast, what I myself see is the long progression of steps it took to arrive at the painting that hangs on the wall. I see my sketchbook, the records that were playing, tubes of paint consumed, corrections and reworkings, and the multitude of layers underneath the deceptively flat compositions.

In this exhibition, I am offering viewers a behind-the-scenes perspective of each painting. Although I am presenting my paintings in a different manner than usual, my hope for this exhibition is the same as always: that viewers will take the time to wonder and wander with the imagery, and experience something new.

Multi-use Community Cultural Center (MuCCC)

142 Atlantic Ave. Rochester, NY 14607

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