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UPDATE: due to the Coronavirus outbreak, just like most non-profits we are in immediate need of funds to sustain MuCCC until live performances resume.


Jan 15, 2021 update:

Thank You!!! WE DID IT! We have raised more than our $10,000 goal! 


Please consider a gift of support/year end donation.


Through the generosity of many individuals during our Spring 10x10x10 campaign, The MuCCC has been able to sustain itself for the past eight months.

Never did we think we would still have to keep our doors shut for this long. Sadly we are once again facing a fiscal challenge.

Our ongoing expenses remain at nearly $3000 per month, for mortgage, taxes, insurance and utilities.

As an all-volunteer organization, The MuCCC was not eligible for any of the CARES Act grant funding and other arts recovery funding is still not apparent.

We once again are reaching out to our community of loyal supporters to help sustain the MuCCC for what we anticipate to be the next 4 - 6 months. Please make a Year-End donation today (consult your accountant for tax deduction advice)..

Your contribution in any amount will help keep the MuCCC on solid ground; eager to launch a new season of productions in the new year. Thank You and Best Wishes this Holiday Season.

We will be continuing this fundraising campaign throughout the end of the year, just like everybody else we are struggling to survive, however we are in a better position than many and have done a thorough austerity evaluation.

You can always send a donation from our website or by mail as well.


or Mail a check directly to us at


142 Atlantic Ave

Rochester, NY 14607

If you have an interest in underwrtiting a particular recurring expense (Taxes, Utilities, Mortgage, Insurance, Alarm monitoring, etc) please email us to discuss!  

Click the "Donate" button, or mail a check to: MuCCC, 142 Atlantic Ave, Rochester, NY 14607