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MuCCC Artists

MuCCC Artists-In Residence are selected on the basis of their work and their commitment to the goals of the Multi-Use Community Cultural Center—to represent diverse, talented voices in the Rochester theater community and to present affordable, stimulating theater to Rochester audiences. Since we have opened our doors, a number of theater artists have presented thoughtful, provocative, entertaining theater at the MuCCC and have also actively participated in the life of the theater.  Not only have they served their own needs as producers, directors, playwrights or performers,  but they have been attentive to the care and to the needs of the theater.  With their participation, we have been able to run the theater efficiently as an all volunteer arts organization. 


These artists often serve as house managers, technical managers, offer their mentorship to novice groups, and create new audiences for the MuCCC and for theater in Rochester. In this way, we have established a theater that is a guided co-operative venture with a volunteer organization that can perpetuate itself. They represent, as their works do, diverse ages, sexual orientations, ethnicities, races and political persuasions. They have created a grass roots model for theater that represents the most fundamental values of the Rochester community.  

Artists-in-Residence 2019

Gretchen Anthony. With a magician for a dad and clown for a mom, my foundation and love of events and stage began. I am a recent replant after 30 years in NYC working back stage at events and performances such as Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade & Fashion Week. Holding "dual-citizenship" now, I continue working both ends of NY State. As producer/director, my recent experience remounting a bilingual children's performance in Rochester has whetted my appetite to continue with similar local experiences.


John Borek.  Conceptual Theater Artist and Director of Artist Development at the MuCCC for a decade.  I humbly accept this honor. The roster of MuCCC artists has, over the years, defined the depth and breadth and diverseness of talent in my hometown. 


Daystar/Rosalie Jones (Pembina Chippewa/Welsh) is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and writer whose mission it is to bring a greater understanding of Indigenous dance and culture to the broader public.  Daystar: Contemporary Dance Drama of Indian American, founded by her in 1980, is now recognized as the first “native modern dance company” in the USA. Daystar/Rosalie Jones looks forward to working in collaboration with fellow artists across the spectrum.


Corrie Carter is an actor and writer for Polite Ink Improv & Sketch Comedy in Rochester. She also co-hosts the Polite Ink comedy talk show on WAYO 104.3 radio. Corrie was one of four women who brought the national phenomenon Listen to Your Mother to Rochester in 2015 and continues to serve as both a director and producer of the production. To date, Listen to Your Mother Rochester has been seen by nearly 2,500 people and raised over $30,000 dollars to support the city's most at-risk families.


James Heath has been involved in Rochester community theater for 21 years, half of which were dedicated to the Shakespeare players bringing numerous Shakespeare works to life. Some memorable roles are Hamlet at the Highland park bowl, Bradley in Buried Child, Alan in God of Carnage (TANYS award for outstanding achievement in acting), Leontes in The Winters Tale, Richard Sumner in The Desk Set (TANYS award for excellence in acting), and Christopher in White Guy on The Bus. James was honored to play the part of David Hochstein in Stuart Loeb’s compelling story, BRAVURA.


Amanda Lobaugh.  Years performing on stage - now mostly working off-stage  - Amanda is currently an active board member of the Off-Monroe Players and Everyone's Theatre Company and enjoys directing (only happy shows), producing, costuming and hunting down the elusive props.  Thanks MuCCC for doing what you do for the community also!

Illa Loeb. Set design, art construction.  I am honored to be part of this committed group, and to participate in the making of meaningful and important art in Rochester.   


Stuart Loeb. Playwright, producer.  I was thrilled to have my play, Bravura: The Life and Death of David Hochstein, produced at MuCCC in November, 2018.  The play was brought to life by a wonderful team of artists.  MuCCC is the home of great community theatre, dance, and music and I'm very glad to be a member.


Nanako Horikawa Mandrino is a freelance dance artist originally from Sapporo, Japan. She graduated from The College at Brockport with a BFA in Dance and a Minor in Theater. In addition to her own choreographic work, Nanako has been performing professionally with dance companies and individual artists around the world. She is also a certified Projective Kineticist (CPK) in Projective Kinetics Analysis and Training (PKAT). 


Richard Mathner. Indispensable helpmeet to theater artists.  Lighting, set construction. stage managing and box office.  The behind-the-scenes doer of theater productions. Theater exists because of people like Richard. 


Ben Meyer-Crosby is a professional IT security engineer and stage manager. He also serves as Executive Director of Grey Noise Theatre Company.


Jace Meyer-Crosby is a freelance director, actor, sound designer, and intimacy choreographer who also produces as Artistic Director of Grey Noise Theatre Company. By day he works in the administrative offices at Geva Theatre Center. His work revolves around consent culture and representation in the performing arts.


Victoria Visiko is a producer, director, playwright, acting coach and performance artist. She has directed and assisted on many new plays in New York City, and recently in Rochester. Ms. Visiko has owned and operated several businesses for actors and dancers in New York City, New Jersey, Hawaii and Rochester, NY. Her excitement over new plays led her to start Victoria Visiko LLC in 2016. Her mission is: "Inspiring the Future of New Plays on Off Broadway & Beyond..." 


Gretchen Woodworth has been involved in the Rochester community theatre scene since she was a teenager. She's performed with many groups and in many venues around town.  She especially loves performing in the beautiful theater space at MuCCC and always feels right at home here. Gretchen  is honored to join the prestigious group of MuCCC Artists-in-Residence. 

MuCCC Artist In Residence List  2018

The MuCCC artists for 2018 are as follows: 

David Byrne

Karen Culley

Donna Davenport

Luane Davis-Haggerty

Karen Dieruf

John Jaeger

Paul Scheib

Laura Thomas

Michael Yawn

MuCCC Artist In Residence List  2017


Each year the MuCCC Theater honors those involved in the performing arts in the Rochester region with the designation "MuCCC Artist.”  These are artist who have greatly contributed to the arts in the Rochester region and who have also appeared at the MuCCC and helped us fulfill the MuCCC’s vision of a “Multi-use Community Cultural Center.” The artists represent a breathtaking snapshot of the depth of talent, variety and experience that makes Rochester a vital arts center.


The MuCCC artists for 2017 are as follows: Gerald Argetsinger, Don Beechner, Bridget Blakely , Vicki Casarett, Karin Fires, Grace Flores, Lu Highsmith, Katie Keating, Wendy Low, Amanda McFaul, Gary D. Marshall,  Midge Marshall, R. Emmett Michie , Enobong Okung, Larry Ploscowe, and Penny Sterling

Hector Arguizoni  - honored 2015

Michael Arve - honored 2012

Fana Kerfala Bangoura

Denise Bartalo - honored 2014

Don Bartalo - honored 2014

Elizabeth Benedict  - honored 2015

Tom Bigongiari

Solomon Blaylock - honored 2014

Maria Brandt

Karsten Brooks

Charlotte Carrol - honored 2014

Spencer Christiano - honored 2012

Timothy Cosgriff

Kathy Coughenour

Andrew Cowen

Karen Craft - honored 2013

Kevin Dedes

Peter Doyle

Annette Dragon - honored 2012

Wayne Dunbar

Nancy Fancher

Peter Fekete  - honored 2015

Philip Frey - honored 2012

Roger Gans - honored 2013

Reenah Golden - honored 2013

Elena Goldfeder  - honored 2015

Melyssa Hall  - honored 2015

Cassandra Kelly - honored 2012

James Landers - honored 2014

Mary Lewandowski - honored 2013

Laurie MacFarlane

Yashodhara Maitra - honored 2013

Lori Marra

Jahaka Mindstorm

Ari Moe-Hagelberg - honored 2015

Jacqueline Moe - honored 2012

Virginia Monte

Kim Niles - honored 2012

Ruben Ornelas

Louie Podlaski - honored 2013

Meredith Powell - honored 2012

Elliott Pruitt

Delores Jackson Radney

Annette Ramos - honored 2014

Shirley Ricker

Justin Rielly - honored 2013

Curtis K. Rivers - honored 2012

Stephanie Roosa - honored 2015

Marilyn Rosen

Kate Royal - honored 2015

Darryll Rudy - honored 2012

Jean Ryon - honored 2014

Marcy Savastano - honored 2014

Mario Savastano - honored 2013

B.J  Scanlon

Peter Scribner - honored 2015

Ed Scutt - honored 2014

David Shakes

Jack Simel - honored 2015

Rebecca Solomon - honored 2014

Robert Djed Snead 

Zach Stasz

Richard Storms - honored 2014

Reuben Josephe Tapp - honored 2013

Karen Tuccio - honored 2013

Ted Wenskus

Patrick White - honored 2014

David Woodworth - honored 2013

Michael Yates - honored 2015

Caroline Yeager

In Memoriam

William Andia 

Carl Girard 

Hosea Taylor

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