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Red Tie Vareity Loan

Purpose: The purpose of this loan fund is to encourage and assist in the up front funding of productions and events presented at the Multiuse Community Cultural Center (MuCCC). Preference will be given to first time and original productions that promote and present minority voices (BiPOC and LGBTQIAP). Preference will also be given to productions promoting the variety arts of juggling, magic, circus and vaudeville skills.

Eligibility: Any production accepted to perform at the Multiuse Community Cultural
Center is eligible to apply.

Minimum amount: $20

Maximum amount: $500

Length of Loan: All loans are to be repaid to the MuCCC 30 days after the last show of the

Application Fee and Interest Rate: $0 and 0%

Review Committee: Annette Ramos, Reuben Tapp, Ted Baumhauer, Ed.D.

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